Monday, April 28, 2014

Bayer Made me a Globetrotting Superhero

Tomorrow is the big day. In less than 24 hours, the eyes of the world will be on me as I stand on the stage at the Bayer Annual Stockholders meeting and present to Dr. Marijn Dekkers, and the other members of the board at Bayer.

While I won’t be wearing a cape, I will have the arms of thousands of women embracing me as I give my presentation. I have made a point of doing all possible to keep myself relaxed today so that I am fresh and prepared for my presentation. I've been listening to the German recording over and over and I have also reviewed the speech in English. I've also have my questions prepared; however, me being honest, I don’t think they’ll allow me to ask any. I truly believe they will try to get me off the stage as quickly as possible because they don’t want me to ask the questions they don’t want to answer. The questions, by the way, will be asked in ENGLISH!

I can’t imagine that Bayer wants the world to know what I know, and I also can’t imagine they want me to say what I know out loud. I bet they have no idea how much I know, and that is okay with me as long as they assume I know everything and respect the knowledge they don’t know I have about everything.

As I’m sitting here typing this entry, I’ve learned that three separate newspapers (links below) will be publishing stories tomorrow about my speaking at the Bayer Stockholders meeting. Three?!?!!? Angela said our cause has become as big as beer, which is pretty big when you consider this is Germany.,15187248,26975216.html,1472780,26974740.html

Angela is sitting across from me and we’re watching the twitter feeds blow up in multiple languages. It’s just remarkable that a group of women is able to generate so much attention against a bad birth control device. Women and babies have died because of Essure; That is just WRONG.

Dear Bayer – accept that there is no way you can justify keeping this device on the market and instead of being defensive and posturing, work with us to do the right thing. You basically own the entire birth control market. Having one less product to sell can’t hurt that much? If you think it can, please take a look at my insides and tell me what’s really important? Your money or my health?

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  1. we are with you every step of the way. Thank you ladies for making a stand for all of us