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Essure Victims Challenge Global Sales Numbers of Essure Reported by Bayer

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Essure Victims Challenge Global Sales Numbers of Essure Reported by Bayer

By Michelle Garcia
November 11, 2013

Miami, Florida: Women injured by Essure are crying foul to the statements made by Bayer that more than 750,000 women have been implanted by Essure worldwide, and they are using the company’s own documentation to support their claims.

“The number of women implanted have been grossly overstated in what can only be perceived as a blatant attempt to minimize the suffering caused to so many women by this device,” said Angie Firmalino, a victim of Essure who is working directly with Erin Brockovich to get Essure off the market. Bayer’s own documentation seems to support this statement. Page 3 of the Essure Instructions for Use, with a copyright date of 2013, which is found on the company’s own website, http://www.essuremd.com/, states the ”number of pregnancies reported from worldwide commercial launch in 2001 through end of 2010. 497,306 Essure kits sold during this time.” If this number is correct, then Bayer sales of Essure nearly doubled in a period of approximately one year. The same document also states “the number of devices actually implanted is not known.”

Angie Firmalino is one of the leaders of a Facebook group called Essure Problems which is challenging the safety and effectiveness of Essure, as well to help the many who at times, find themselves shunned by the doctors. She also maintains a website, www.essureproblems.webs.com, which has numerous photographs of mangled coils that have been surgically removed.

There is a perception that kits sold equates to women implanted. There are many women who have documentation which states that multiple kits were used during their procedure. “A sold kit is not a patient,’ says Firmalino, who is using evidence from ladies in her own group. A number of ladies in the group, including those who lead the group with Firmalino have multiple lot numbers, including one who was implanted on two separate days as her physician was unable to successfully achieve bi-lateral placement on the first visit. It took a second visit a month later to place the second coil. These women have patient information cards and medical records from their implanting doctors confirming that multiple kits were used during implantation. These same women wonder if Bayer has any idea of how many women have actually been implanted.

For information about the women who have been harmed by Essure, including contact information to interview women from specific cities or medical experts concerned about the safety of Essure, contact Michelle Garcia via email at Essureproblems@yahoo.com.

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