Friday, September 20, 2013

Julius Alexander Montgomery - May You Rest in Peace

God of power and might,

You proved powerless to save Baby Julius. You created him in his mother's womb, formed in the image and likeness of You. Indeed, Baby Julius is Your beloved child, with whom You are well pleased, too beloved; it seems to leave here with us.

Please guard him and comfort those who mourn his loss, that they may feel Your loving embrace in their sorrow, now and always. God of hope, let the light of Your love shine in this place as Julius joins You, now and forever. Amen.

In the early morning hours of September 18th, my e-sister Latisha was woken up from a deep slumber to find her water had broken and she was in pre-mature later. She was expecting a baby boy, a miracle baby, who wasn't supposed to be here, yet, he was growing inside her. Essure failed and a baby was conceived. Shock turned to joy as the baby grew inside of her. It was to be the first child of her husband.

Sadly, that little life is now gone. Julius took his first breath, his only breath and passed away. The premature labor was the result of an Essure coil perforating the amniotic sac causing her water to break. Essure has claimed his first victim. He was born, he was alive, and now, he's a memory and an inspiration. His mom, Latisha, the courage of bravery despite feeling pain that words can't describe. His Dad, Tino, lost his first child. His sister, Lashonda, will never get to be the big sister to her baby brother.

Just a few weeks ago, she posted about an ER visit where the technician commented about the metal coils inside of her. She said 'that’s my birth control' which left the technician with a look of shock on his face. Kind words of support and encouragement were sent to so many by Latisha. She now needs words of support like those she offered to so many.

That moment when Latisha saw her baby boy drift off to permanent slumber was one of those 'Life Altering' moments. She has joined the ranks of John and Reve Walsh, Nancy G. Brinker, Beckie Brown and Claudine and Don Ryce. In an act that can only be described as profoundly brave, Latisha and her husband announced they are starting a foundation, The Julius Montgomery Foundation.

A mother and a father are turning their pain into a promise of hope, hope for others suffering with Essure and hope that no one endures the pain from the loss of a child that they now know.

Condolences for the loss of Baby Julius can be sent to the address below:
Tino and Latisha S. Montgomery
12548 South Lowe
Chicago, IL 60628

Donations for the Newly Formed Foundation can be sent to the following (checks or money order):
The Julius Montgomery Foundation
c/o Latisha S. Montgomery
12548 South Lowe
Chicago, IL 60628

Donations to the Julius Montgomery Foundation will be tax deductible (application for 501(c)(3) status is submitted.


  1. My heart just breaks for this family <3 RIP sweet Julius, a life taken from this world far too soon...

  2. I knew you lost your son but I didn't know he took his first breath. Again I am so very sorry for you loss and I pray to God that we beat this for little Julius's sake.

  3. Just my opinion but just one story like this I think should be enough for a recall.

  4. Precious baby Julius was literally murdered by a faulty ill-conceived birth control device, one that is metal with sharp protrusions. Once he was in utero, he was in danger. While he developed, a potential "weapon" was always perilously close to the supposed safety of his mother's womb. Once the amniotic sac was punctured by this migrated coil, his fate was sealed. Latisha had to witness her baby boy take one, just one breath of air before his life slipped away. To me, what happened to baby Julius was criminally negligent homicide and Bayer, the manufacturer of Essure, should be held accountable. Instead, their Essure business continues to flourish, making them money and endangering the health and life of women and babies conceived when Essure fails. Isn't something wrong here?